Whistleblowing in Italy: The key role of lawyer Filippo Celoria and EuroEtica software

Let’s find out how legal expertise and cutting-edge software foster corporate ethics and transparency by facilitating the handling of whistleblowing reports in line with current regulations.

The Definition of Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing has become a crucial focus of attention in protecting corporate ethics and preventing illegal activities. The phrase Whistleblowing is Anglo-Saxon and translates to “blowing the whistle,” a metaphor highlighting the intention to report inappropriate or illegal conduct. La locuzione Whistleblowing è anglosassone e si traduce con “far suonare il fischietto”, metafora che evidenzia l’intenzione di segnalare condotte inappropriate o illegali.

Regulations and peculiarities of whistleblowing in Italy

Whistleblowing in Italy is regulated by Law 179/2017 later amended by Decree 24/2023, which expands its applicability to list all private entities with more than 50 employees and companies that fall under the jurisdiction of certain acts of the European Union. This legislation requires companies to create channels for reporting violations of national and European Union law, while ensuring the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity and preventing any form of retaliation against the whistleblower. Fulfillments that require appropriate tools and an efficient organizational model for handling whistleblowing.

Strategic Relevance of a Suitable Software for Reporting or Whistleblowing

In this framework, external software proves to be crucial to support the whistleblowing process of companies with more than 50 employees. EuroEtica, for example, offers an innovative solution that shortens the process of receiving, monitoring and managing whistleblowing reports. It offers advanced options such as file uploading, secure chat, team coordination, fully meeting GDPR requirements.

Filippo Celoria's law firm's innovative contribution to EuroEtica's whistleblowing project

The law firm of attorney Filippo Celoria, an expert in labor law, has strongly contributed to enhancing “EuroEtica’s” Whistleblowing. Drawing on his deep knowledge of critical issues in labor law and in particular litigation with workers, Attorney Celoria has provided a practical point of view for handling whistleblowing, capable of providing daily, personal and qualified support. In addition, with a view to maximum support of the needs of each EuroEtica user, Attorney Celoria’s intervention can also consist of drafting specific content, including the legal acts necessary for the resolution of any disputes.

The 'EuroEtica' Project: An Evolution for Whistleblowing

The “EuroEtica” project represents a genuine advance in the field of Whistleblowing, responding to the needs of companies to comply with legislation and best practices. The software offers all the necessary tools for data interpretation, performance indicators and other customizable functions. EuroEtica is a cutting-edge software capable of facilitating Whistleblowing management, helping to establish a fairer and more transparent work environment.

Lawyer and Whistleblowing Software: how EuroEtica and lawyer Filippo Celoria support companies in regulatory compliance

Overall, the input of a lawyer specializing in whistleblowing such as Filippo Celoria, combined with the use of advanced software such as EuroEtica’s, becomes essential for the protection and safeguarding of one’s company. Dealing with the complexity of the sector with competence and professionalism, lawyer Celoria and the EuroEtica software offer added value in the management and safeguarding of labor relations, relations with suppliers and stake holders and more generally of the corporate image, ensuring an effective and ethical management of Whistleblowing issues.

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