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With a few clicks, you will put yourself at the shelter from penalties of up to EUR 50,000!
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The solution for whistleblowing reports.

    PROTECT YOUR COMPANY’S REPUTATION and PROTECT YOURSELF from HEAVY administrative fines (up to 50,000 Euro!) with an EASY-to-use reporting platform.​
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    From 15 July 2023, the whistleblowing legislation (D.Lgs. n. 24/2023) requires all companies with more than 49 employees to equip themselves with special software for anonymous reporting.​
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    EuroEtica is the most SIMPLE and ECONOMICAL whistleblowing solution available on the market.​
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    EuroEtica is the whistleblowing solution that can be activated for FREE.​
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How does whistleblowing work on EuroEtica?

Making a Report: Simple and Secure

Start your whistleblowing journey with EuroEtica from any device, at any time. Choose to remain anonymous if you prefer. You can either speak directly with a specialist for guidance or leave a secure voice message. Your privacy and security are our top priorities. Report Now.

Comprehensive Reporting for Transparency

EuroEtica's reporting tools offer detailed summaries, key performance indicators, and in-depth analyses. Customize your view and presentation style to get the insights you need. We're committed to maintaining transparency and excellence in our processes. View Our Reporting Capabilities.

Ongoing Communication: Your Voice Matters

We believe in the power of dialogue. As the case progresses, you and the case manager can continue communicating as needed. Rest assured, this conversation is confidential and accessible only to authorized personnel. Stay Informed.

Advanced Tools for Specialist Handling

Our specialists are equipped with state-of-the-art tools for efficient case management. This includes categorization, real-time status updates, note-taking, secure file uploads, and encrypted chat. Cases are reassigned only if necessary and always closed in compliance with data protection laws. Explore Our Tools.

Immediate Alert to Case Managers

Once you submit a report, our dedicated case managers are instantly notified via email and SMS. They securely log in with multifactor authentication to review your report. Each case is handled with the utmost care and promptness, ensuring timely and effective action. Learn More about Our Process.
Prevent crises and protect your organization’s integrity with EuroEtica.

What does it take to activate EuroEtica Whistleblowing?

It only takes a few clicks to gain access to your reserved area and thus enable the receipt of reports. 
With EuroEtica’s Premium service, we even do EVERYTHING. And you will never have to think about anything again.
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On EuroEtica Whistleblowing is
SIMPLE and also FREE

We are the ONLY operators on the market who offer you a FREE platform for the Whistleblowing reports
With EuroEtica:
Comply with the new Whistleblowing legislation (Legislative Decree No. 24/2023)
Avoid fines of up to 50,000 Euro
Easily collect Whistleblower reports
Protect your company's reputation
Create a corporate culture of transparency and safeguarding ethical corporate values
You actively demonstrate to employees, collaborators, suppliers and stakeholders that you care
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EuroEtica is the right choice for your Whistleblowing channel

What clients say about our work

  • Bernard Blackwood

    Jackerson Lab
    "When it comes to whistleblowing, my immediate recommendation is EuroEtica. Our decision to opt for this platform stems from its robust data security measures, transparent reporting system, user-friendly interface, and competitive pricing structure. In addition, our association with EuroEtica contributes to our collective effort in addressing the problem of bullying in educational institutions."
  • Alexandra Brown

    Susan Bradley & Co
    Recognizing the challenges people may face when openly discussing sensitive issues in the workplace, we introduced EuroEtica. This comprehensive system is characterized by transparency, ease of use, and outstanding performance. I can confidently say that it lives up to my expectations and even exceeds them.
  • Tiffany Anderson

    Kate & Rose Studio
    EuroEthics has helped us tremendously. Our experience with the platform so far has been exemplary. It is easy to use, works perfectly and has great features. In addition, the EuroEtica team provides outstanding customer support.

As of 15 July 2023, companies with more than 250 employees are obliged to implement an internal channel for handling whistleblowing. However, for companies with between 50 and 249 employees, you have until 17 December 2023 (Legislative Decree 24/2023)

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Download the whistleblowing manual.

Download our free comprehensive e-book: a detailed guide covering every aspect of whistleblowing. It is the ideal resource for those who want to understand the subject in depth
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FAQ on EuroEtica and whistleblowing

What is a whistleblowing platform?

A whistleblowing platform is a confidential and secure system that allows employees and other stakeholders to report unethical behaviour, misconduct or illegal activities occurring within an organisation without fear of retaliation.

Is my identity protected when I submit a report?

Yes. Our platform is designed to protect the identity of whistleblowers. You have the option to submit reports anonymously and we have strict measures in place to guarantee your privacy.

What kind of incidents can be reported?

You may report any unethical behaviour, misconduct, illegal activities or violations of company policies and practices.

How do I send a report?

Reports can be submitted through our dedicated web portal, accessible from any device.

Will I be updated on the status of my report?

Yes. You will receive a unique identifier when submitting a report, which you can use to monitor its status and any updates or actions taken in response.
La soluzione di segnalazione gratuita per la tua azienda.
The whistleblowing solution for your company!

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