Applies the regulations in a simple way.

With the EuroEtica you can comply with “The Whistleblower Protection Act” and “EU Whistleblower Directives” and GDPR regulations.

In addition, the software is compatible with individual state regulations, which you can find here.

We will also keep the software updated for you if there are any regulatory changes in the future.
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Whistleblowing conversation with EuroEthics regarding illegal activities.
Prevent crises and protect your organization’s integrity with EuroEtica.

Why you need to use EuroEtica as your whistleblowing system

Choose EuroEtica for a whistleblowing system that emphasizes confidentiality, security, and ease of use. Our platform ensures anonymous, secure reporting, encouraging a transparent and accountable workplace culture. Prevent crises and protect your organization’s integrity with EuroEtica.

Simplified process

A report is made

You will receive an email notification. You will be able to enter the platform to view the case.

Taking charge of the case

As a first step you should put change the status of the report to "processing," so the reporter understands that his request has been taken care of.

Further dialogue

If you need to ask more questions you can dialogue anonymously with the reporter by asking questions or asking to provide documents.


Once the case is resolved change the status of the report to "Resolved". The reporter will review.
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What clients say about our work

  • Bernard Blackwood

    Jackerson Lab
    "We know that speaking out in certain situations can be difficult. That is why we introduced EuroEthics: to provide support and encouragement to people who come to us, even in difficult times. In addition, by using FaceUp, we actively contribute to the creation of a safe and welcoming environment for school children, a cause that resonates deeply with our beliefs!"
  • Alexandra Brown

    Susan Bradley & Co
    "Through EuroEtica, employees share diverse proposals and valuable suggestions for small improvements. The response has been extremely positive: employees have embraced EuroEtica as an accessible and effective tool."
  • John Richmond

    "Challenges in the workplace can affect anyone, and talking about them openly can be difficult. This is precisely why we launched EuroEthica. This comprehensive and easy-to-use system works exceptionally well and is perfectly in line with my expectations."
  • Tiffany Anderson

    Kate & Rose Studio
    "Designed initially for schools, EuroEtica boasts an incredibly simple interface. For account administrators, the interface is equally easy to use. My compliments go out to the outstanding team at EuroEtica for a job well done."

As of 15 July 2023, companies with more than 250 employees are obliged to implement an internal channel for handling whistleblowing. However, for companies with between 50 and 249 employees, you have until 17 December 2023 (Legislative Decree 24/2023)

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FAQ on EuroEtica and whistleblowing

Is my identity protected when I submit a report?

Yes. Our platform is designed to protect the identity of whistleblowers. You have the option to submit reports anonymously and we have strict measures in place to guarantee your privacy.

What happens after I submit a report?

Once a report is submitted, it’s reviewed by a designated team or individual within the organization. They will investigate the matter and take appropriate action based on their findings.

Can I send a report if I am not completely sure of the impropriety?

Yes. It is better to point out a possible impropriety so that it can be investigated. However, make sure that all reports are made in good faith.

Can I withdraw a report after submitting?

Depending on the platform’s settings and the organization’s policies, you may or may not be able to withdraw a report once it has been submitted. It’s best to check with your organization’s guidelines.
La soluzione di segnalazione gratuita per la tua azienda.
The whistleblowing solution for your company!

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